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Bringing new solutions to modern agriculture


The BioAg Alliance is unique to the industry, bringing together
Novozymes’ capabilities for discovering, developing and producing
microbial solutions with Monsanto’s strengths in microbial discovery,
advanced biology, field testing, product commercialization, service and support.
The result is a portfolio of microbial-based biological solutions
– sold through Monsanto BioAg – designed to help you produce more with less and to do so in a sustainable way that benefits agriculture, consumers, the environment and society as a whole.
The BioAg Alliance brings together two world leaders in agricultural
innovation and microbiology to develop new microbial products for
agriculture to boost productivity and further support the management of natural resources on the farm.
JumpStart®, TagTeam®, Optimize®, Actinovate®, Met52® and many other leading biological solutions that you have come to rely on in your operation are now available commercially from Monsanto BioAg.

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 The BioAg Alliance


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