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What is Taegro®?

Taegro is a bacterial based biofungicide/bactericide used for suppressing selected soil-borne and foliar diseases on agricultural and ornamental crops (including greenhouse uses).  Taegro is most effective in low to medium disease pressure situations and should be applied prior to disease or at disease establishment so suppression is maximized.   The broad spectrum of disease control for soil uses includes Rhizoctonia, Fusarium, Sclerotinia, Phythophthora and  Pythium on a variety of crops including leafy and fruiting vegetables, cucurbits and ornamentals.  Foliar uses also have a broad spectrum of control for diseases such as Downy Mildew, Powdery Mildew, Early Blight, Late Blight, Bacterial Speck and  Bacterial Spot.
Taegro comes in a  user friendly formulation with a low application rate, excellent product stability and no maximum residue limits.  The pre-harvest interval for Taegro is zero days so it can be applied up to, and including, the day of harvest. Additional flexibility with product use for organic applications is achieved with the  current OMRI and WSDA listings.
Key benefits of Taegro:
•Low application rate
•Broad spectrum disease protection
•User friendly formulation
•Multiple modes of action - fits within a resistance management program
•OMRI listing
•Prophylactic/preventive approach
•Zero PHI
•Resistance fighting and MRL reduction tool
What can Taegro be used for?
Taegro can be used for treatments of soil diseases on fruit and leafy vegetables, cucurbits, and ornamentals. It can also be used to treat foliar disease on fruit and leafy vegetables and cucurbits.

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