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Our biofertility products include both MultiAction® and single-action legume inoculants as well as the phosphate inoculant, JumpStart. MultiAction inoculants contain two or more active ingredients that work together to promote the balanced nutrition your crops deserve.  Single-action inoculants consist of one active microorganism for nitrogen fixation.

JumpStart® LCO is a combination of two proven technologies, Penicillium bilaii and LCO Promoter Technology. Penicillium bilaii has been unlocking bound phosphate for farmers across North America for decades, and LCO Promoter Technology increases root and shoot development in the early growth stages. Now the unique benefits of both technologies are available in one package.

JumpStart, is a phosphate inoculant that grows along the root making more soil and fertilizer phosphate available to the plant, to deliver healthier crops and higher net returns. JumpStart is available for corn, canola, wheat, and legume crops.

Our MultiAction products include: 

TagTeam LCO is a MultiAction, biofertility inoculant that combines the proven performance of LCO Promoter Technology® and the phosphate-solubilizing benefits of Penicillium bilaiiNew for 2012, TagTeam LCO is available in both a liquid and a granular formulation for use on pea, lentil, and soybean.

TagTeam combines the best in rhizobia strains with Pencillium bilaii, the active ingredient in JumpStart the phosphate inoculant, for improved phosphate efficiency.  TagTeam is available in granular, peat, and liquid formulations for use on pea, lentil, and soybean; peat and granular formulations for chickpea; or peat formulation for dry bean.

Optimize contains LCO (lipo-chitooligosaccharide) Promoter Technology, a unique molecule that, enhances a plant’s nutritional capabilities which drives natural growth processes immediately and independently of growing conditions. Optimize is available in a granular formulation for pea and lentil and liquid formulation for pea, lentil, alfalfa, soybean, and peanut.

Our single-action, nitrogen only inoculants include:

  • Cell-Tech - Pea, lentil, and soybean in a liquid formulation
  • Nitragin Gold - Clay based powder formulation







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