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What is Optimize®?


Optimize products combine quality inoculants with Novozymes’ patented LCO Promoter Technology. This unique LCO (lipo-chitooligosaccharide) molecule drives communication between the plant and the nitrogen-fixing rhizobia independent of soil and environmental conditions. The result - enhanced nutritional capabilities that improve nodulation, increase root and plant growth, and ultimately increased yields. Optimize products are available in soybean, peanut and alfalfa formulations.


Key benefits of Optimize:

  • A larger root system for better nutrient and water uptake
  • Earlier and increased nodule development for improved nitrogen fixation
  • Better vigor and stand for healthier, faster developing plants
  • Stronger, healthier plants that are better able to handle environmental stresses
  • Higher yields for better returns

Optimize is registered on the following crops:

  • Soybean in a liquid formulation
  • Peanut in a liquid formulation
  • Pea and lentil in a granular formulation
  • Alfalfa in a liquid formulation (Optimize® Gold)

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